Sunday, August 17, 2008

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland does not have to be a childish theme for a wedding. You can make it unique and elegant by designing your wedding around the color white. Here's how:

  1. Request that guests wear white... however, this does not apply to accessories like bows, socks and shoes (like the green shoes posted over on With this Ring and the socks from Martha Stewart). What you will end up with is a wedding that looks infused with white from a distance but full of glorious colors in the details!
  2. Have your groom and groomsmen wear white with white top hats, a la a classy Mad Hatter.
  3. Wear a tea-length gown, like the one above from Stephanie James.
  4. Have an all-white candy bar and cake, and a lavish dessert bar.
  5. Decorate your space with white flowers (roses and peonies) and white stopped clocks (including centerpieces).
  6. If you still want your reception in the evening, make your cocktail hour a tea! Serve scones, miniatures pastries and finger sandwiches, and shots of Long Island Iced Tea. Then proceed to dinner (rabbit anyone?)
  7. If possible, host your reception in a garden with a maze! See if you can somehow coordinate the entrance so that guests have to walk through a hedge, or a "rabbit hole", to enter.
  8. Model your invitations after black and white playing cards (hearts, of course).
  9. Give guests favors of vintage Alice in Wonderland books or artwork prints and little cupcakes with tags that read "Eat Me.".
  10. Your centerpieces could also include white flowers atop a stack of storybooks wrapped in white paper, like this one from Apartment Therapy.
  11. Hire a watercolor or silhouette artist to enhance the magic of the day.
In the end, you can create a magical, elegant mood with pops of color and quirkiness (the colored shoes, the stopped clocks, the silhouette artist...). This would truly be a wedding to remember!

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Mike said...

I still need to see the movie Alice In Wonderland. Never mind reading the book.