Friday, August 22, 2008

Hansel and Gretel

Here are some sweet ideas for a Hansel and Gretel-themed summertime wedding:

  1. Gingerbread, of course! Gingerbread cookie favors from 101 Cookbooks, and the gingerbread house from Another idea: Have a gingerbread-flavored cake, iced in cream cheese icing--so unique!
  2. Make use of storybooks. This book from Country Living would make an amazing centerpiece, with forest flowers arranged in mason jars. This dilapidated atlas is adorned with delicate butterflies (using a butterfly craft punch). They are arranged to look as if they were flying off the page.
  3. Also from Country Living, this child's shadow decal is pressed onto a white wall.
  4. A late-afternoon forest-setting comes to mind, so use gorgeous paper lanterns as the sky turns dark (from Martha Stewart Weddings).
  5. Forest Fruits: As an accompaniment to the cake, serve forest berries, like these from Martha Stewart.
  6. Antique keys: The witch locked Hansel in a cage, so wonderful save-the-date cards would be these antique keys with calligraphy by May-belle.
  7. Mark a pathway from the ceremony to the reception (or simply to the ceremony) with a trail of flower petals instead of breadcrumbs (you could also use white pebbles). Line the pathway with hurricane vases filled with flower petals and votives. Image from Rebecca Thuss.
  8. Another cake idea: Candyshop cakes from Martha Stewart Weddings.
  9. A dessert buffet and candy bar (from Martha Stewart Weddings) is a must at a Hansel and Gretel wedding! Reserve a large portion of your budget for this.
  10. Your menu could be filled with forest-inspired delicacies, like quail, rustic breads and sweet potatoes.
  11. Baby's breath (image from Real Simple) is a fabulous and inexpensive flower that would completely fit in with the theme. Use it in abundance, from your bouquet to your centerpieces.
  12. In lieu of traditional place cards, arrange flavored breadsticks in a canister, like these by Martha Stewart.
  13. Fresh favors: In accordance with a forest-like theme, set up a flower market and have guests pick their own bouquets at the end of the night.
  14. Use personalized wooden utensils from Paper+Cup Design.
  15. A wonderful alternative to a forest setting! Martha's Vineyard, complete with its picturesque beaches and charming Gingerbread Cottages.

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Mike said...

Ginger bread cookies are great. I love to eat ginger bread men.