Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Hope Jar

Thanks to Southern Weddings for guiding to me The Hope Jar today for fabulous vintage inspiration!
  • Use the vintage wire teapot on your gift table, to hold envelopes from guests.
  • Buy a pack of vintage French "ephemera" like the old newspapers above and use them as inspiration for your invitations.
  • After posting on math and science weddings yesterday, I couldn't resist! These vintage flash cards would make such fun save the dates for a math wedding, or just a school or vintage wedding in general! Go to your local copy and design center for help, or DIY--using the card above, insert your wedding date into the math problem. For example, the card above uses the numbers 7, 5, and 35. Let's say you're getting married on July 5, 2009. Insert a 7, 5 and 09 in flash-card format. On the back side, write your save the date information like your names, place and website.

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