Friday, August 29, 2008

Post from Rare Bird Finds

"As a writer and avid reader, I loooove these authentic library cards and pockets. Use them to host a holiday gift exchange themed around books--create your invitations on library cards. Then have each guest bring his or her favorite book, gift wrapped, for a a grab-bag. Have an author trivia game, with prizes (like bookmarks, magazine subscriptions, or gift certificates to Barnes and Noble). Research some famous author's favorite foods, and feature these on the menu. $12.75 for 50 sets at School Locker."

My friend Emily had a great idea too--glue them inside the front covers of cookbooks (or expensive wedding books!) so that you can write down your favorite pages instead of dogearring the pages--love this idea!

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EM said...

Congratulations on your engagement (from a complete stranger, no less). I am a June bride myself (as in June of '09). Thought it worth mentioning that these cards and pockets can be purchased much cheaper at a teacher supply store (I'm a teacher in Chicago & just bought some today-$1.99 for 50 cards/$3.59 for 35 pockets). Why do they makes these like hot dogs and hot dog buns where the #'s don't match up?!