Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Real Wedding: Mallory and Jamie

This enchanting wedding took place on July 5, 2008 in Oxford, England. Mallory, an American, and Jamie, an Englishman, wanted to capture the traditions of both their countries in their ceremony and reception. The absolutely stunning photos are by Catherine Breakspear, who truly captured the romance of the day. I love the emotions she caught in the photo of Mallory hugging her father after his speech!

Mallory and Jamie had their ceremony in the chapel of Merton College, Oxford, Jamie's alma mater, where 100 of their closest friends and family stood in pews alongside the aisle, which was surrounded by candelabras. In true British style, women came decked in large and ornate hats and brightly colored dresses. During the ceremony, a trumpeter played soft music from a silver trumpet on a balcony behind the entrance to the chapel, and Mallory's aunt played the flute.

Afterward, because their wedding took place on Mallory's birthday, guests mingled on the Merton College lawns with champagne and cupcakes that Mallory and her mother baked before the wedding. Then guests followed Mallory and Jamie through the cobblestone streets of Oxford to the reception venue, the elegant Randolph Hotel, where they dined on roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and cake iced in white chocolate and covered with strawberries. They danced late into the night to the beats of 80s music, Jamie's favorite.

Thanks, Mallory, Jamie and Catherine, for sharing these breathtaking moments!

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