Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Roses: Four fabulous uses of this beautiful flower from
1. Fuchsia footwear is even more fabulous when finished with an Yves Piaget rose. Shoe, Christian Louboutin,
2. More is more when petals fill the vase itself. Sandstorm, Jeanne Moreau, Massage, Amelia and Fair Bianca roses meet lamonium, Queen Anne's lace and stephanotis in a showstopping tableau. Glass vase, Treillage,
3. Tiny bouquets at each place setting make delightful favors and let folks see across the table. Mint julep cups hold Serena, Pierre de Ronsard, Carefree Delight and Biedermeyer roses. Cups, Two's Company, Monogram transfer, Wonderful Graffiti, Tray, Charlotte Moss,
4. How's this for raising the bar? Imbed Carefree Delight rose petals in your ice cubes, a charming way to cool down summer drinks like vodka-spiked pink lemonade. Glass, Libbey, Tray, Charlotte Moss, Flowers courtesy of Transflora, Miami,

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