Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How to Spark Your Creativity

Image from Love to Know. A collection of antique toys can spark a creative idea.

I LOVE the article featured in the Brides UK issue this month about how to brainstorm great ideas for your wedding. Here are some of my favorites:
  1. Write a list of 10 words you associate with your wedding (summery, small, late night). Ask your fiance to do the same and trade lists. What your lists have in common is what you should focus on.
  2. Talk about what makes you happy. Is it a book you love, the food from a certain restaurant, a painting hanging in your home, vacations at a nearby Bed and Breakfast?
  3. What do you want guests to think about when they leave? At the top of my fiance's list was amazing food. For me, it was important that the day include lots of touches guests had never seen before--creative (DIY favors, escort cards, stationery, etc.), personal (how the theme reflected my fiance's and my hobbies) and lots of wow-factor (the beautiful architecture of our ceremony and reception venues). So our splurge ended up being on the food, drinks and personal touches instead of a 13-piece band.
  4. For favors, browse farmers' markets, antique stores or even toy stores. Stay away from online wedding stores--you're bound to find the same old things there.
  5. Exaggerate. If you love a certain color, make this the theme and have it everywhere.
  6. Inspiration boards. Don't just use photos or the computer. Make them 3-D, and create an inspiration box! Use ribbon, typefaces, fabric, paper, appliques, old photos and other small objects.
  7. Go away for the weekend with your fiance, and bring a notebook. Stay at a beautiful little boutique hotel and spend the weekend lounging, walking around and getting ideas from nature, cute stores and colors you see. Or, just go for a drive in the country and check out local antique stores!

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