Friday, October 10, 2008

Mason Jars

I love these uses for mason jars found via Earth Friendly Weddings! You can do so much with jars for your wedding--besides holding flowers, they can make beautiful candle-holders, bridesmaids' gifts or wedding favors for your guests:
  1. Recipe In A Jar: "Fill jars with the ingredients to make cookies, brownies, etc. After you put the lid on it, put a pretty piece of fabric on the lid and secure with a rubber band, followed by matching ribbon. Print mixing/baking instructions on a small card and tie to the jar
  2. Homemade Hot Cocoa: "Fill with hot cocoa mix and marshmallows..."
  3. Small Aquariums Or Terrariums: "You can use them to have Betas (Siamese Fighting Fish) in since they don't need an air filter... Or, you can use them as pots. Take some small gravel, put in the bottom, fill partway with indoor potting soil, seeds, then fill the rest of the way with potting soil up to 1" from top, screw the lid on until the seeds grow to little plants, take the lid off, put in a baggy to create a green-house effect, then when they're big enough to be out of the bag, take them out. Be sure you label what kind of plant, and date planted. Mostly works for small flowers (African violets, herbs, etc.)"
  4. For The Holidays: "If you have a Christmas or Hanukkah party in December, those jars will look absolutely spectacular with lit candles in them, lining the driveway and entrance. I have seen and used them in this fashion and they are breathtaking."
  5. Potporri Jars: Fill with potpourri for a beautiful gift.
  6. Thankful Jar: "Each person writes what they are thankful for and sticks it in the jar. When we are feeling down and out we pull our thankful notes, and feel better immediately."

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