Friday, October 24, 2008

Unique Engagement Photo Locations, Part I

I love looking at unusual engagement photos! Here are some great ideas using images by Canadian wedding photographer Claire Cocheme:

  1. In the Rain: While rain may be completely unwelcome on your wedding day, engagement photos in the rain can be spectacular. Play with movement, light and colorful umbrellas.

  2. On a Bridge: What a fun way to play around with distance and architecture!
  3. In a Field: One with vibrant colors makes for spectacular pictures.
  4. In the Street: Make use of humorous signs like this one, which says “One Way”.
  5. Under a Streetlamp: This photo is a beautiful vertical shot. The effect of light is still there, even in the daytime.
  6. In a Phone Booth: Phone booths are a thing of the past, but if you can find one, their small spaces force closeness and can make for a romantic shot.
  7. In a Bakery: Shoot your engagement photos in your favorite bakery. There are so many wonderful pictures that can come from using colorful icing, display windows, and sweet treats as props.

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