Friday, October 24, 2008

Unique Favor Ideas, Part II

Acorn Cakes: Use this pan from Williams Sonoma (found via The Inspired Room) to make beautiful 2 1/2″ acorn cakes for your guests! Box them up in a tiny box and adorn the box with a leaf.

Sugar: These vanilla infused sugars from Pear and Peony are a sweet and charming way to thank guests and friends. They infuse small batches of organic turbinado sugar with Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar, resulting in a flavorful, aromatic sugar. Each vanilla sugar comes in a sleek glass tube and is corked, sealed, and labeled. If you can’t afford these at $5 each, make your own using glass vials and organic sugar!

Groom’s Cake: (image from Martha Stewart): I love the idea of a groom’s cake, but I never really knew what to do with it. Because it’s usually smaller than the wedding cake, do you serve it to the guests in tiny pieces along with your other cake? Or do you have an extra sheet cake in the back so everyone gets a slice? But I love the idea of giving out a “tasting portion” boxed in little white favor boxes. Have waiters bring out these elaborate trays of boxes with the dessert. Or, if your groom only cares about the cake flavor, not the shape of the cake, set this out beside your wedding cake with a sign labeling it as the “groom’s cake”.

Give guests favors of donuts iced in your wedding colors. If your colors are pink or white, you can buy these at Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme, but consider making your own in more unusual colors and icing with blue or green icing!:

Vintage Toys: If you are having a vintage-inspired wedding, or you have a guests who get nostalgic from time to time, give vintage toys like slinkies, marbles, jacks, music boxes, kaleidoscopes, old-fashioned playing cards, or even pogs! You can buy custom printed wooden yo-yos for about $1 each here, or of better quality at The Knot Wedding Shop.

Books: You can buy used hardcover books from thrift stores and used bookstores for $1-$2 each.Find your favorites, or classics like poetry or Shakespeare, wrap in brown paper and tie with a pretty ribbon.

Prints: If you or your fiance is an artist or photographer, give your guests prints of one of your pictures. Below, I love the work of Irene Suchocki, whose prints you can buy on Etsy ($48 for a set of 4).

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