Friday, October 24, 2008

Unique Menu Ideas, Part I

I was so excited to be a guest blogger on Elizabeth Anne Designs last week! I am very proud of the posts I wrote (they took me forever to do!), and I'd like to share them here too--especially so I have a record of them on my blog.

To start us off, here are some unusual menu ideas that I love:

Filled cupcakes are a great alternative to the classic cupcake. Serve in place of cake, as favors, or as a late-night snack. Ask your caterer to fill them with basic vanilla icing, or fun flavors, like these plum-filled little cakes from Cupcake Blog.

Roasted Seeds: Offer your guests something to nibble on before the first course, in place of or in addition to bread. I love these roasted pumpkin seeds from Artsy Foodie. Other great ideas: nuts, olives, crackers, and hummus… or even sushi!

Fried Ravioli: [Recipe from Confessions of a Foodie Bride]. Serve individual passed fried raviolis during your cocktail hour. Who doesn’t love a bit of fried comfort food? And served by the piece, there’s no guilt either!

Semifreddo: These Italian desserts are semi-frozen, custard-like, and lighter than ice cream.They would make a perfect alternative to the traditional heavy dessert! Find the recipe for these orange-blossom semifreddos at Technicolor Kitchen.

Popovers are light, hollow rolls made from egg batter that are similar to Yorkshire Pudding, and they’re one of my favorite foods! Find the recipe at Trinigourmet.


Cocktail Pizzas: Comfort food is the new trend! We’ve all heard of the passed mac and cheeses and mini burgers, but what about passed mini pizzas at your cocktail hour? These spinach and pesto pizzas from Taste look amazing!

Check back later for some more unique menu ideas!

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