Friday, October 24, 2008

Unique Save the Date Ideas, Part I

Save the Date cards have become extremely common, as most brides have at least a few guests who have to fly in for the wedding. The Save the Date card is the first thing your guests will see about your wedding–don’t settle for something run-of-the-mill. Here are some ideas:

Scrabble: Spell out your save the date card on a scrabble board. Include the words “Save the Date”, names, wedding date and city, and your wedding website. Take a photo and mail prints as your save the date card!

Books: My friend Keija (also a writer!) is having a short engagement, so she sent these adorable save the date photos via email:

Russian Dolls: Recreate this beautiful invitation from Ceci New York. You can find cheap nesting dolls at DealExtreme for less than $5 per set. Print your wedding information, roll into tiny scrolls, and place inside one of the inner dolls, then mail or hand deliver if you can:

Lollipops: Tag a swirl lollipop with your wedding information and a quote (”How sweet it is to be loved”), then mail (in a carefully padded box/envelope):

Yearbook Yourself: My sister recently sent me this WONDERFUL website called Yearbook Yourself. It takes less than 4 minutes to do–upload a photo of yourself, then choose the year/hairstyle (1950+) you would like to use. You can then adjust your face in the photo by making it larger/smaller, rotating it, shifting it, etc. The photo below is what I would have looked like in 1966 :)

How does this translate to weddings? If you’re having a vintage-inspired wedding (or just want to send something fun), create photos of you and your fiance from the past. Make a faux Yearbook page from the past and insert your photos side by side, with a cute handwritten note (modeled to look like a friend wrote it in your book) that says something like “You two are the cutest! xoxo” or “I know you’ll get married some day!” Have the “yearbook page” printed on cardstock or photo paper and use as your Save the Date. (Better yet, if you met in high school, include copies if your actual yearbook pages instead!)

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