Friday, October 24, 2008

Unique Save the Date Ideas, Part II

Fabric Knots: In a play on the phrase “tie the knot”, send your invitation closed with a ribbon, in a box filled with beautiful knotted fabric ribbons, like this invitation from Lily Darby.

Sheet Music: Buy new or vintage sheet music, and hand-write your wedding information at the top of the page, in the margins, or on the back. Use music like the Cinderella Waltz or the Wedding March.

Vintage Maps: Find a vintage map of your wedding city (or even an old subway map). Mark the location of your wedding venue on the map, mark copies/prints with your wedding information on the back or in an empty space; then mail rolled up in mailing tubes.

At My Dove Chocolate, you can create custom message to be printed on the inside of the foil wrapper! Print your wedding date, and mail in little boxes to your guests (make sure it’s not summer though!).

Do you have a favorite clothing advertisement? Try to recreate the photo, then mail as your save the date card. I love the J.Crew and Kate Spade ads, especially the one below:

Send paint chips in your wedding colors, with your wedding information written on the back:

Playing Cards: This are a totally affordable option, because cards can be bought so cheaply (or used, from Ebay, garage sales, etc.). Send playing cards corresponding to your wedding date. For example, if your wedding is on February 6, send a 2 and a 6 card. If your wedding is on August 12th, send an 8 card, an Ace (for 1), and a 2 card. (Note: if you wedding date has a 0 in it, like July 10th, this will probably not work). Tie the cards in the proper order together with a ribbon and a card stating your wedding information (including the date, so guests understand).

Watch parts: Send your save the date cards with tiny watch parts, like these from Ornamentea. Include a poem that relates love with time:

Only our love hath no decay;
This, no tomorrow hath, nor yesterday,
Running it never runs from us away,
But truly keeps his first, last, everlasting day.
–John Donne

Dice: If your wedding is taking place on a date using lower digits, send wooden dice corresponding to your date. For example, if you wedding is on March 5, send a dice with all the digits painted over except the 3 and the 5). Or, take a photo of dice which have landed on your date (the photo below could be for a February 3rd wedding).

Custom Crackers: Olde English Crackers allows you to customize old-fashioned party crackers by color and what fills them. Put a paper with your wedding information inside the cracker, then mail to your guests, for a truly unique save the date!

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Shauna said...

i love these....especially the recreating an ad campaign. I was obsessed with that Jcrew catalog. I went out and bought every pair of knee high socks they sold.

Actually i wore those exact same ones, chocolate brown and light light pink stripes, just yesterday to work with flats and a khaki skirt.

I want to get married so i can plan a wedding off of all the great things you have on here!