Friday, October 24, 2008

Unique Wedding Inspirations, Part I

Now it’s all about where to find unique inspiration for your wedding (or, you could call it “themes”). I’ll always love beach weddings, holiday-themed weddings, and vintage weddings (my own wedding’s theme!), but there are SO many more ideas out there. Here are a few things I came up with to inspire you:

A Painting: Theme your wedding around a painting. Make sure to include a print/postcard of the work in your invitation or save the date card, so guests know this is the inspiration for your event. The painting below, for example, is The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano. Ideas: Have your wedding on the beach by the ocean, have your bridesmaids dress in red dresses and your men in black tuxes. Take photographs with black umbrellas. Design your save the dates/invitations using this photo, or take your own photo of you dancing with you fiance on the beach. Design your decor around the idea of Old Elegance, in black, red and beige. This painting is truly elegance mixed with joy!

A pattern: I made this inspiration board a while ago based around the pattern of yellow stripes. Other patterns you could use: black and white squares; pink and white polka dots; plaid… the options are endless!

A Board Game: If you and your fiance love chess, for example, use it to inspire your wedding! Make your colors black and white; send a chess piece with your invitation; for your centerpieces, display white flowers in a black vase on top of a chess board; and give chocolate chess pieces as favors. Another idea? If you’re having a Jersey shore wedding, for example, use the Monopoly board as an inspiration.

A Children’s Book: Get inspired by your favorite children’s book! Below, I made this inspiration board based on Hansel and Gretel, and two others using Alice in Wonderland and The Secret Garden.

A Color: Don’t be afraid to use a single color as your only theme! This will look AMAZING, even if the color is white. One color I absolutely love? Blue as a deep winter inspiration. Dyed blue roses are the most breathtaking flowers.

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Mike said...

I love to see people's work when it comes to their paintings. Art is a expression of themselves.