Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Books I Recommend

Well, some of you might know I am a writer and avid reader, so I've decided to start a new feature here on Victoria with Roses: books! No one usually thinks of them for a bridal party gift or gift for your groom, but books are SUCH a personal gift, without being extremely expensive (signed and first edition books make an even greater gift and can be found on sites like alibris.com). So every once in a while I will be recommending great literary reads that I come across, and sharing them with you.

My first recommendation (and this would make an absolutely fabulous holiday gift for a reader) is a little magazine called One Story. Each issue consists of a single short story, and they arrive about every 3 weeks. The stories are marvelous (they've gone on to win tons of prizes), and it's a great gift for someone who loves to read but doesn't quite have the time for a whole book. Subscriptions are $21 for 18 issues.

What do you think? Are you all interested in this new feature idea?

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MsTeacherLady said...

I love books and am always looking for recommendations, so I'd look forward to this kind of post for sure!