Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My List

This morning in a little corner of my desk I found a list I made five years ago, when I was 19, of Things I Want to Do Before I'm 30. It's a fun project; it's interesting to see how much you've achieved/how your goals may have changed. Here was mine:

1. Graduate from college with highest honors X
2. Study in Europe after college X
3. Learn fluent Spanish (tried but did not succeed!)
4. Write a novel X
5. Grow my hair long X
7. Go hang gliding
8. Swim with dolphins
9. Learn to cook (kind of achieved this--I can make 3 things really well!)
10. Read all of Time's 100 Greatest Novels (I've read 27 of them)
11. Travel to Italy X
12. Travel to Ireland X
13. Travel to Spain X
12. Get married (soon!)
13. Have children (waiting on that!)
14. Go to graduate school X
15. Find a job that makes me happy X
16. Learn how to design a webpage X
17. Invest X
18. Buy a dog (after the wedding!)
19. Lead a service project
20. Go to church every week

Looking over my list, I realized that I had achieved a lot of my items and/or am on track to achieve the others (like getting married!). The one item I failed at was learning fluent Spanish. One item that changed for me is that I no longer have desire to go hang gliding. But I do still hope to swim with dolphins; read the 100 greatest novels; lead a service project; and start going to church every week. And as far as puppies go, the bichipoo (bichon frise/poodle) above is from my dream kennel in North Carolina, where a very good friend of mine bought the CUTEST dog ever, a black schnoodle. Thanks, Kelly, for the Christmas card--Teddy's picture now hangs on my refrigerator!

My two new goals before I'm 30: 1. Publish a novel 2. Buy a house


Velvet and Linen said...

I am so impressed by the things you accomplished in ten years. Making a list is a great idea!
That pup is the cutest. We have a malti-poo (malitese-poodle) who is absolutely adorable. Those poodles are very busy!
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Anonymous said...

I need a list like that although at my age it would be the 'before I kick the bucket' list.Beautiful blog!

Kelly said...

very impressive list of accomplishments! thanks for the shout out - puppies are the best. Bill & I were just talking about getting another dog around that time so maybe we will get a sibling! will need to discuss with you via email ;)