Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Most Gorgeous Wedding

This is one of the most creative weddings I have ever seen! And these photographs by Millie Holloman... they are spectacular. Thanks to Southern Weddings for posting some of these and allowing me to find them. There were so many great details and photo ideas, I had to make three boards to fit everything! This wedding has such an intimate vintage appeal... I've listed below the reasons I loved each of these photos, in order:

BOX 1:

  1. A shot of the bride and groom alone in a church pew is such a creative idea. I'll have to copy this one! Who thinks to take photos IN THE CHURCH afterward? Usually it's on the steps or in the gardens...such a great idea.
  2. A shot from above in the church with the bride's dress spinning around her; this almost looks like a dance.
  3. The beautiful birdcage veil and a look of utter love.
  4. A quaint little chapel on a country road... almost like a movie.
  5. The couple was showered with pom poms (instead of petals or birdseed)!
  6. An incredible photo capturing the bride's father's emotions as she walks down the aisle.
  7. Now this shot is really like a movie-doors wide open, light pouring in...
  8. Do you see the couple's shadow on the building??
  9. The reception was outdoors at The Murray House Inn in Kenansville, NC, and the lawn was strung with lights. So casually chic.
BOX 2:
  1. An old photo of the bride's grandmother...
  2. Megan's recreation of the same shot!
  3. A shot of the bride from above through a spiral staircase.
  4. Next to the chapel was a little school house--such a great photo op!
  5. Such an other-worldly shot of a girl looking out the window of the church--perhaps dreaming about her own wedding?
  6. Another great school house shot.
  7. The little boxes made to hold the pom poms at the ceremony.
  8. The getaway included an outfit change and aThunderbird, wonderful paired with Megan's blue dress and vintage suitcase!
  9. Love the tilted angle on this one, and the picturesque white chapel in the back.

I just can't get over those creative engagement shots in a barn (and a car)! I also love the bride's attire--her vintage silhouette and shoes. Here are some other details from this wedding I loved:
  • Megan's aunt baked the cake
  • The cake topper belonged to the groom's parents
  • The rings were tied into John 's mother's wedding Bible,
  • Megan wore her mother's wedding dress
  • John wore his grandfather's wedding band, and added his wedding date on the inscription next to his grandfather's.
  • The pew markers were made from John's mother's wedding dress
  • The couple passed their rings around the church before the ceremony for guests to bless them.
  • Attached to Megan's bouquet was the limoge box in which John presented her engagement ring.

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