Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sponsor Giveaway!

Our new and talented sponsor Valerie of Custom Printables is generously giving away a custom printable candy wrapper for any occasion for either a 1.5 oz. or 4 oz. candy bar. The wrapper:
  • Can include photos or images that you already have
  • Can include one monogram from her catalog for free (custom colors, of course!)
  • Includes up to five revisions (though the process usually only needs three)
  • Final image sent in PDF, JPG, TIF, and/or GIF
  • Please allow two weeks for completion of project (though she can usually do it in under a week)
To enter, please leave a comment below on what you are hoping to use these wrappers or monogram for (i.e. what event, what type of candy, what type of project, etc.).

Valerie is also offering a 20% discount for all orders through February 15 with the mention of "VICTORIA". To take advantage of this discount, contact Valerie through her Etsy shop or email her at vkolko [at] gmail [dot] com. Sample prices at this discount include: $4 for two catalog monograms, $4 for a catalog candy wrapper or one from her blog, $4 for one custom monogram, $12 for a custom candy wrapper, and $12 for custom save-the dates. All prices include custom color matching and up to two revisions after the first draft.


Abbie said...

What a great giveaway! We would use the candy wrapper for candy bars in our OOT guests' welcome bags for our wedding. It's such a fun idea... and great way to kick-start the excitement.

Madeline said...

What a great idea! These would make a great wedding shower favor with Hersheys!

Christine said...

I love the idea. They would make great shower favors!

Sara said...

I would love to have these for my bridal shower!!!

Bridechka said...

Oooh I like Abbie's idea of using the wrappers for candy bars for OOT guests :)

Kelly said...

This would be perfect! My aunt is making custom chocolates for our wedding and it would be the cutest way to present them as favors!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

I'm a party planner and I love to visit your blog! You do a lot of leg work for me :) What a lovely giveaway!

eastwestbride said...

These are such fun. I would use them to wrap around some of my Mum's homemade fudge. I'm getting married overseas so a lot of people I would have liked to be at my wedding can't make it - but I'm sure they'll feel pretty excited to receive a personalised treat and a photo in the post instead!