Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bridal Party Ideas

A few ideas for a low-key bachelorette party or gift to your bridesmaids: 1. A fancy dinner followed by a night at the comedy club. 2. Take an evening cruise around the harbor. 3. Take a cooking class. 4. Henri Bendel, an upscale department store in New York City, now has a "Chocolate Bar" (i.e. a chocolate cafe). Indulge in sweets on Fifth Avenue or your local Main Street cafe, followed by shopping. Challenge each girl to spend $50 and see what everyone comes back with.

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marnieleigh said...

Those are some super sweet ideas (no pun intended).
Before my bridemaids went wild with my party, I had these ideas: 1. A summertime concert at a outdoor venue and a comfort food dinner or picnic, 2. Rather than your typical spa day, a makeover day: assign girls to pick out outfits for the others and schedule a hair/makeup consultation for each BM, and a little plug to one of my groomsmen, a paint your own pottery party with cupcakes and cocktails.