Friday, March 13, 2009

Pacific Northwest

It seems like the Pacific Northwest just keep coming up in blogs and daily life! There are so many great things I keep reading about:
1. Kate Towers: an amazing Portland designer, whose dress I bought to wear at my wedding reception!

2. The Cottage Company: communities of charming new-build cottages around the Pacific Northwest. "We offer a fresh choice for people seeking a high-quality, ‘not-so-big’ home and a renewed sense of community."

3. A Bridal Shop called The English Department? That sounds like my kind of shop!

4. One Love Photo: "Staying true to our artistic spirits, we capture weddings using a combination of cameras and techniques (digital, medium format film, through the viewfinder, homemade lenses and even a couple toy cameras). Our images are unique because they combine the style and sensibility of today's generation with yesterday's vintage look and feel." I absolutely love vintage photography, not to mention the wedding attire in these photos are the dresses my bridesmaids are wearing! (yellow J Crew dresses). It's great to see how they will look against white--very sunny, very pretty. Exactly like I wanted!

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