Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Literally, every single wedding Amorology pulls off is amazing... if I lived in California, booking them would have been my first step. I love the details in Jessica and Hunter's wedding:
1. Vintage umbrellas
2. Bouquet adorned with gray satin ribbon and a string of her mother's pearls
3. A doughnut station--the doughnuts made right in front of the guests!
4. Favors included homemade chocolates and caramels packaged in cellophane bags.
5. The cake made by the groom's mother was draped in pearls (love this effect).
6. Food included soup in bread bowls, beef sliders, and hot chocolate.
7. Hunter framed his love poems to Jessica and hung them on the walls. One says: "I love you / And when we're husband and wife / I'll love you / Every day of my life."

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Kelly said...

i concur - quite cute!