Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Penelope Poet

I am SO excited to welcome a new addition to Victoria with Roses, a boutique which, I must say, grabbed me right off the bat with its beautiful name: Penelope Poet, "an eclectic collection of jewelry and gifts to express many a poetic style." Joanne, the creator of Penelope Poet, has not only made it her mission to make beautiful jewelry available, but also to minimize our environmental footprint and help build more economic opportunities to communities worldwide. A portion of sales at Penelope Poet are donated to FINCA International’s Village Banking program, which provide economic opportunities to some of the poorest communities in the world.

Some of my absolute favorite pieces: the blue cameo pendant ($210); the white coin pearl earrings ($26); the gold-dipped karma bracelet ($68); and the indelible duo golden heart pendant ($412, but what a fabulous gift for a bride!).


Christina said...

love this!

Cathleen said...

What a gorgeous collection?! This pairs well with your blog!!! I'm not typically a grandmother's jewelry box kind of gal, but I must say, I LOVE the blue cameo. Stunning!