Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Turtle Love Committee

A ring idea I am so excited to write about: Non-diamond engagement rings! I have several good friends who have chosen not to go the diamond-route, and have never regretted it. I recently discovered Turtle Love Committee, an online jeweler with a stunning selection of non-diamond engagement rings, featuring colored gemstones, gold accents, sterling silver, vintage replicas, classic solitaires, organic designs and modern pieces, all priced between $100 and $200. Turtle Love Committee also has a really gorgeous selection of wedding bands for men and women.

These rings are a great way for a man to put more creative thought into his choice of a ring, while at the same time allowing couples to use the money they might have spent on a diamond on their wedding, tuition, or a down payment on a house instead. Turtle Love Committee was founded by Adrianne Zahner, an attorney who was alarmed by her colleagues’ subtle competition to have the best or the biggest diamond engagement ring. She chose the name “Turtle Love Committee” because she liked the “TLC” acronym and the imagery of a group of wise elders dedicated to promoting love. According to Zahner, an engagement ring from Turtle Love Committee’s collection “is priceless - it represents a huge emotional commitment, not a huge financial commitment.”

I'm very excited to welcome Turtle Love Committee to Victoria with Roses!

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anna said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog. I love the first ring. My e-ring is a sapphire. It makes me so happy. I love it and I didn't even get to choose!