Monday, June 29, 2009

Mix My Granola

I got the best package in the mail today! Mix My Granola just sent me a big, yummy tube of their granola to try! I have never been a big granola fan, but I couldn't stop eating this! Inggredients: French vanilla granola base, sliced almonds, whole almonds, gummi bears, organic raisins, and lots of LOVE! At, you can customize your own granola with dozens of different dried fruits, nuts, and extras, like fruity loops, pretzels, and even candy corn! A gift certificate would make a great bridesmaid gift, or order a whole bunch of the granola and package it in small portions for favors. Really, you have to try this yummy snack!

1 comment:

anna and the ring said...

Now I want to live in the US just for this!!

I'm so jealous.