Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wedding Day Shirt

Okay, I am really in love with this great new company called Claridge + King. Not only is their website gorgeous, but they have cornered the market on "his" clothes made for "her." You know those clothes you always steal from you fiance (his button-down shirt; his undershirt to wear as a tank top; etc?) Their idea was to take those clothes and make them into sexy casual womenswear. They sell a limited number of beautiful products, made with fine cotton, spandex and bamboo--the Tunic; the Tank; the Palazzo Pant; the Boxer; the Undershirt... but their signature product is the His is Hers Shirt. It is "his" button-down, cut to "her" proportions. It would make a great prep shirt, especially since you can customize it with a monogram on the tail or your wedding date inscribed on the cuff! Price: $95 + $28 for monogram or +$36 for monogram and date.

1 comment:

anna and the ring said...

A cute idea!

I've seen this on cuffs and collars but never so big.