Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bridesmaids' Gift Surprise

Friday afternoon before the rehearsal dinner, I surprised my bridesmaids by taking them for a private jewelry-making class at this AMAZING boutique called Lunessa in Soho. NYC brides, seriously this is the most amazing place! For an affordable fee per girl, Elise, the owner, set up a wonderful lunch and she and her co-workers taught us how to make silver bracelets with beautiful gems in my wedding colors (yellows, whites, golds, etc.). They came out looking super-expensive, and everyone had the most amazing time! It was a great way for my bridesmaids to socialize and get to know each other beforehand, if they didn't already, and also everyone got to take home a special bracelet they made themselves. We also got the chance to shop the boutique afterward with a discount!

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Mouse said...

That is SUCH a cute gift idea. I wish they had this in Tucson! I would love to do gift that involved all of us spending time together, but still resulted in something permanent people can treasure. Sweet!