Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bow Ties

Groomsmen Idea: Give each guy a different patterned bowtie.


Sara said...

Then they will need the "Necktie" app from Android. It's a very cute app that shows you how to tie many different ties, from the Double Windsor to the Bowtie.

Shameless plug: I'm posting a wedding-themed "App of the Week" post for Sprint on Friday at Click on the community tab to check it out. :)

anna and the ring said...


Now to convince the boy bow ties are the way to go!

a thousand mason jars said...

LOVE this idea as a gift for guys!
We ended up going with matching ties, but this would've been a great twist.

my hubs was a groomsmen in a wedding where the groom got all the guys jerseys from their favorite sportsteams. NOT to wear the day of (obvi), but i know my hubs LOVED it!!

Mike said...

Bow-ties always look cute on guys.